Painter For a Day

A Quick Fix for Painting Needs

Painting can be a long and messy undertaking. If the project lasts for days or even weeks, the work area will be off-limits and relatively unusable. The Painting Pros offers the Painter for a Day program, an alternative for those needing limited services performed, or who want to divide the job into several tasks.

How the Painter for a Day Program Works

Our “Painter for a Day” program offers homeowners, business owners and property managers the option of getting painting jobs done in a day’s time. The program can be applied to either interior or exterior painting. This service is available to our customers in the Silicon Valley area, including the cities of Los Gatos, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Almaden, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, Palo Alto and other surrounding towns.

The Painting Pros will send out one of our professionally trained, locally renowned trained paint technicians for up to 7 hours of efficient, high-quality labor. The painter will arrive in a fully-equipped vehicle that includes all the necessary tools, supplies, sundries, ladders, and gear to perform the work to the highest standards, just as with all our projects.

In situations where time is truly of the essence, we may opt to send out two painters for a 3.5-hour job, giving the equivalent of 7 hours of work but completed in half the time. Additional days may also be added on, if desired.

What Do the Painter for a Day Painters Do?

Our “Painter for a Day” program painters are painting specialists, so they will only be performing painting duties for the duration of the job. If they finish the main task for which you hired us before the time expires, you may ask them to complete another small project. Or, feel free to review their work and assign them to do some touch-ups – but we know you’re going to love the work they do the first time around!

Some examples of tasks that can be accomplished with the Painter for a Day program include:

  • Paint a small bedroom, hallway or bathroom
  • Wall touch-ups
  • Freshen up your baseboards and trim
  • Paint or stain your entry door
  • Paint exterior trim

Costs and Specifications a Painter for a Day

  • The minimum charge is for this service is $680.00.
  • There is no credit or discount option if the painter is on the job for less than 7 total hours.
  • No discounts or other promotions can apply to the “Painter for a Day” program offer.
  • Color Consultants are not available as part of this service.
  • Our professional painter will be fully covered by The Painting Pros Workers’ Compensation and General Liability policies.

Get the Job Done Fast with Less Stress

The "Painter for a Day" program is truly the latest and greatest way to tackle a sizeable painting job in one day and with no stress on you!

As with all our services, you can trust The Painted Pros to provide the same expertise, high quality results and excellent customer service.

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Customer Testimonials

That they did the job quickly, cleanly, and they cleaned up really well.

They did a good job, there wasn't any slopped paint, and they cleaned up well.

Robert F.

They were especially skilled at helping me select colors. They have some kind of color guru working for them that helped me pick a color. I just thought the quality of the work was spot on, and I was very satisfied. They were also efficient. They were professional, they were nice people and they did a great job.

Julie S.

We were happy with everything. Their bid was accurate, they showed up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, and they were pretty much everything you could want.

They set our expectations properly.

Debra C.

That they're very knowledgeable, and they care about doing a good job.

I liked the competence of the painters and their concern for perfection.

Daniel H.

They just did fantastic, quality work.

They were very clean, neat, and the painting was well done.

Claudia G.

They are the best in class. I've used them before and I'll use them again.

Their attention to detail stands out. They really know their stuff.

Richard K.

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