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Is your home or business property in Almaden looking tired and shabby? A fresh paint job can do wonders to improve the aesthetic look of your building’s interior or exterior.

Get the Professional Results You Want and Deserve

You may be tempted to save some money by attempting to paint your property yourself. You may want to reconsider, for several reasons:

  • Painting can be stressful. It’s likely you already have other responsibilities, like work and family. Do you really want to add to that list? Is spending your well-earned leisure time doing one more project what you really want?

  • You’ll need to buy necessary materials. You’ll need more than paint and primer to complete the job. Ladders, sanders, brushes, rollers, paint trays, drop cloths—all these and more are needed.

  • You aren’t a professional painter. Although you may be a decent painter, you won’t get the quality results that come from hiring a professional. They have the skills and training needed to do the best job possible.

  • You could be injured. Climbing up and down ladders and dealing with various materials can cause injury. Do you really want to risk being laid up for that?

When you hire a professional painting contractor like The Painting Pros, you’ll get painters who know what they’re doing. They are trained in the latest painting techniques. Their work is guaranteed, so you’ll get the highest quality results. are insured and bonded. They will protect the surrounding areas and your possessions to prevent damage. When the project is finished, the area will be clean and spotless.

Choose The Painting Pros in Almaden

The Painting Pros has been serving the Almaden area since 1978, providing quality professional services at a fair price. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Interior painting

  • Exterior painting

  • Commercial painting

  • Residential painting

  • Deck refinishing

  • Sheetrock/drywall repair

Here at The Painting Pros, we know you have options when deciding on a professional painting contractor. Of course, we believe we’re your best choice for several good reasons:

  1. We’ve been providing Almaden residents with expert painting services for decades. We couldn’t survive if we didn’t deliver the results they expect.

  2. We make sure all our painters are well-trained in the latest techniques.

  3. We use only the finest materials and products.

  4. We’re a long-time member of the Better Business Bureau, maintaining an A+ rating.

  5. We are a Lead-Safe company, with certification from the Environmental Protection Agency.

  6. We’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

  7. We offer free one-hour annual touch-ups on paint jobs we complete.

  8. We protect the area before painting and clean it up thoroughly afterward.

Contact The Painting Pros in Almaden to Get Started

If you’re looking for the best professional painting company in the Almaden area, The Painting Pros should be your number one choice. We deliver quality results and dependable workmanship, guaranteed. You can be assured you’ll get a premier paint job for your home or business at a fair price.

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Customer Testimonials

That they did the job quickly, cleanly, and they cleaned up really well.

They did a good job, there wasn't any slopped paint, and they cleaned up well.

Robert F.

They were especially skilled at helping me select colors. They have some kind of color guru working for them that helped me pick a color. I just thought the quality of the work was spot on, and I was very satisfied. They were also efficient. They were professional, they were nice people and they did a great job.

Julie S.

We were happy with everything. Their bid was accurate, they showed up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, and they were pretty much everything you could want.

They set our expectations properly.

Debra C.

That they're very knowledgeable, and they care about doing a good job.

I liked the competence of the painters and their concern for perfection.

Daniel H.

They just did fantastic, quality work.

They were very clean, neat, and the painting was well done.

Claudia G.

They are the best in class. I've used them before and I'll use them again.

Their attention to detail stands out. They really know their stuff.

Richard K.

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