Deck Refinishing and Repair

Get Your Redwood Deck Looking New Again!

Do you have a deck that looks worn and dingy? Is the stain fading or the paint peeling? Are there boards rotting or broken? Why not get that deck refinished so it looks like new!

Having a deck on your home allows you to enjoy the outdoors and extend your entertainment space. There’s nothing like relaxing on a beautiful deck, having coffee, a meal or a cocktail.  But just like the interior of your home, if it’s not looking its best, you may be reluctant to use it like you should. Get the deck refinishing and repair services you’re looking for by hiring The Painting Pros!

Our Deck Cleaning/Restoration Process

When you hire The Painting Pros to restore you deck, we complete several steps.

  1. Inspection.  We will begin by assessing the entire deck, including posts, railings, stairs and other wood structures on it. We’ll note any damaged, warped or rotting wood, as well as the presence of any mold or mildew.
  2. Repair/Replace. We will repair or replace any damaged, warped or rotting boards. If any nails have popped up, we will remove them and replace them with deck screws, which are more durable and secure.
  3. Cleaning. The method used for cleaning a deck largely depends on how frequently it has been maintained in the past. It is recommended that every deck get cleaned and inspected annually. If you’ve followed that schedule, your deck may only need to be cleaned with using a deck cleaner, brush and garden hose. If it’s been a few years, we may need to use a pressure washer to get rid of built-up dirt and stains.
  4. Sanding/Stripping. Again, if the deck has not been regularly maintained, it may require that the existing stain be stripped. Some may need to be sanded.
  5. Stain/Paint. Once all repairs are completed and the deck has been thoroughly cleaned, we will apply the stain or paint you have chosen. We usually do semi-transparent oil- or water-based stain. If you prefer, we can also apply an opaque deck paint. Depending on the condition of the stripped wood, it may require multiple coats to look its best and last longer.

It’s important to know that the weather can play a significant role in refinishing a deck. The deck must be completely dry before application of the stain. In order for the stain to be most effective, the weather should be dry for at least a couple of days after it has been applied. The Painting Pros recommends decks be maintained annually.

We Do Decks and More

As our name implies, The Painting Pros specializes in painting. We paint interiors and exteriors for residential and commercial customers.

We are also experts at cleaning, repairing and restoring decks, as well as retaining walls and patio covers. We can beautify the perimeter of your home and increase its curb appeal and overall value.

The Painting Pros has been providing the South Bay area with the highest quality services and excellent customer service for over 40 years. For the best professional deck refinishing, go with the pros at The Painting Pros. Request a free estimate today!

Customer Testimonials

That they did the job quickly, cleanly, and they cleaned up really well.

They did a good job, there wasn't any slopped paint, and they cleaned up well.

Robert F.

They were especially skilled at helping me select colors. They have some kind of color guru working for them that helped me pick a color. I just thought the quality of the work was spot on, and I was very satisfied. They were also efficient. They were professional, they were nice people and they did a great job.

Julie S.

We were happy with everything. Their bid was accurate, they showed up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, and they were pretty much everything you could want.

They set our expectations properly.

Debra C.

That they're very knowledgeable, and they care about doing a good job.

I liked the competence of the painters and their concern for perfection.

Daniel H.

They just did fantastic, quality work.

They were very clean, neat, and the painting was well done.

Claudia G.

They are the best in class. I've used them before and I'll use them again.

Their attention to detail stands out. They really know their stuff.

Richard K.

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