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Do You Need to Close Your Business During a Painting Project?


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One of the most cost-effective and immediate ways to improve both the interior and exterior of your commercial building is with a fresh coat of paint.  Many business owners think the only way to complete a painting project is to close their doors and shut down operations for a few days or weeks while the painting is being done.  However, doing so can negatively affect your bottom line.

No worries; you can have your business painted during its normal operating hours. It may depend on the nature of your business and the extent of the painting project.

If the building being painted is a business office, it’s very possible to cordon off sections or rooms for painting one at a time. However, a restaurant would probably be better off closing during the painting project.  

There are many considerations before you have a paint contractor come in and start stripping paint and stain. You may need more than a sign to keep customers happy during an important business renovation. Planning, preparation, and hiring the right professional painters are all key factors for a successful renovation.

6 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Business

There are many reasons a business needs to be painted again. Pay close attention to existing paint on walls, doors, and exterior surfaces. If you notice the following signs, repainting is advisable to keep your business looking good.

signs it's time to repaint your business
  • Fading. When paint color fades sometimes it changes colors. Sunlight harms the quality of the paint. The level of protection that new paint provides can no longer be provided when discoloration takes place.
  • Mold Growth. If there are black, grey or greenish spots inside wall corners, mold has taken hold. Mold is usually the result of excessive moisture and poor air circulation. Mold can affect the health of employees as well as the structure of the building. Mildew, algae, and moss can grow in areas with little sunlight and high moisture.

    You’ll need to get rid of the mold before repainting. You can try a good cleaner and power washing the surface as a typical solution for this problem. However, if there are stains that cannot be removed, or you suspect mold is hidden behind walls, you’ll need to hire a professional mold remediation company. Once all mold is removed, you can have the surfaces repainted.
  • Cracked or Chipped Paint. Cracks in paint film can extend across large areas that can lead to peeling paint, leaving an unsightly cosmetic issue. Moisture, fungi, and termites can easily make their way through small cracks. This causes wood to rot, metal to corrode, and pest infestations.
  • Bubbling. Paint blisters are the result of ineffective adhesion to the surface. If the paint was applied in direct sunlight or exposed to high humidity, bubbles can appear in the paint film. Bubbling can also occur when moisture is trapped inside the walls.  One way to get rid of bubbles is to have your walls or exterior repainted by professionals.
  • Chalking. Chalking is when paint takes on a matte finish and leaves powder on the surface. If you brush your fingertips against a wall and it leaves a white residue on your fingers, that’s a clear sign that the paint needs to be replaced.
  • Ineffective Pressure Washing. Keeping your building’s exterior appearance in good shape can increase foot traffic and sales. It’s common to have outside surfaces pressure washed at least once or twice a year. However, if this does not remove stains or dirt that has accumulated over the years, then it may be time for a new coat of paint.
tips for painting your business when it's open

Tips for Painting Your Business When It’s Open

It can be exciting to see changes in a business. Loyal customers and clients may be enthused with the renovations. Employee morale and production can improve with a fresh coat of paint. On the other hand, others may not be so supportive if a project makes it harder for them to get a service or a product.

Any renovation project can cause delays or disruption in the operations of a business. However, if everyone is prepared beforehand, it will cause less confusion and help make the painting project and your business run smooth.

Before a painting project begins, make sure that your type of business can remain open while under renovation. Take everything into account by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are the health and safety codes of my business?
  • Is there sufficient space for both my employees and the painting technicians to work in?
  • How will the areas inside my building be ventilated? Where are the windows located?
  • Will a painting project present any safety or health hazards to my employees?
  • Are there any special health conditions of the employees where painting would worsen the effects?
  • Will revenues decrease while business is open during the renovation?
  • Is it profitable to remain open or is it better to closed during the renovation?
  • How will employees, customers, and clients be inconvenienced?

Once the project has been approved and the legalities have been ironed out, careful planning is the next step. Here are some tips to implement.

Keep Everyone in The Loop.

Everyone affected by the painting project must be notified of the project and its details. Do this as early as possible. Signs and announcements posted outside and inside the building are helpful. Communication is very important during a renovation project. Be open about what is going on and announce updates as the project progresses. This will help minimize complaints.

Even posts on social media can let customers know that the service they receive will not be impacted by the project.  Some businesses share renovation news through newsletters and mail. Sharing news about painting projects or any renovation conveys the message that you care about your employee and customer experience.

Setup Zones

Make sure employees and customers have areas where they can get their work completed.  Painting all the spaces at one time is not wise nor efficient. It’s best to section off small areas at a time to help keep noise and disruption at a minimum. When one zone is complete, the painters can move on to the next. 

Focus on Air Quality

A reputable professional painting company will know which type of paint to use and how to properly ventilate an area before the project begins. A low VOC or no VOC paint is best to keep good air quality and health issues at bay. 

Some companies use plastic shields or other barriers to keep fumes confined to a specific area. Others use air-purifying machines to maintain clean breathable air. For those employees who have severe allergies, working from home may be an option.

Take Advantage of Slow Periods/Seasons

Wintertime is the slow season for professional painters, which means they are flexible with their time and resources, not to mention the costs may be lower too.   They can work around a company’s busy schedule and provide more manpower to the project for earlier completion. Some painting contractors will work nights and weekends as well.

Painting during alternate hours can give painters less traffic to deal with. For example:

  • Slow periods of business days (eg. lunchtime)
  • Opening later or closing earlier than usual
  • Having the painters come in before or after hours or on weekends

Be Calm and Extra Friendly

Customers won’t mind renovations too much if the owner, receptionist and employees present a positive and friendly attitude. If your business has a person at the entry of the office, make sure they are pleasant and have a calm demeanor. They can brief the visitor of the ongoing project ahead of time. Being friendly helps keep the mood light during renovations.

Reward Customers

Consider rewarding your customers for doing business with you during the paint renovation. If they must take a longer route to get to an area or come at a later time, a token of appreciation can offset their displeasure.  Have a sale or offer a special discount during this time. This might even help you attract new customers to help increase business.

Complaint Systems

Receiving complaints is inevitable during a renovation. Every business should have a system to handle complaints. A department or person should be designated to respond to all complaints, questions, and concerns. This will ensure that customers are being heard and valued.

Customer relationships are important to maintain during any renovation project. You don’t want to lose revenue for not communicating what is going on and why.  Explain to your customers the benefits of the renovation and how it will help them. Announce when the project is complete. If you’re using social media, email, or newsletters to inform customers of the progress, pictures and videos (before, during and after renovations) always help tell the story better.

Want to Create a Fresh New Look for Your Business?

If you need a fresh paint job to renew and revive your business, contact The Painting Pros.  We have the experience and quality workmanship to transform your business.  We’ll work with you to paint your business with the least disruptions as possible.


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