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Top 9 Benefits of Painting Your Business During the Holidays


painting your business during the holidays

It’s tempting to put improvement projects on hold during the holidays. We all want to enjoy more time with family and friends during this special season.  Especially with colder temperatures and possibilities of snow, it’s easy to just wait until the summer to complete much-needed work.

This time of the year, however, is the best time to give your office space a fresh coat of paint. Hiring a professional during the holiday months has its benefits.  There are several advantages for a business owner to do so.

Why the Holidays Are Ideal for Painting

Here are ten good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company to paint your business this holiday season.

save money during the holidays

1. Save Money 
Don’t wait until the spring, summer or fall to get your business painted.  Professionals painters are typically heavily booked during these times, scheduling projects months ahead due to the high demand. Prices can also be higher because of the supply and demand.

Projects tend to slow down during the winter months. Having your business painted during the slow winter season means you can save money. Many painters offer special discounts during this time. You can get a great deal during which can have a positive impact on your bottom line.  You can spend less and use the extra savings for holiday bonuses or other improvements.

more flexibility during the holidays

2. More Flexibility 

Due to the slow holiday season for professional painters, they have more flexibility to adjust to your company’s busy schedule. They can make time for your calendar and even add additional painters to the project if needed to expedite its completion. If you want painting services to begin while you’re out of town or taking time off, a professional painter can meet more timelines that work best for you and your business.

3. Fewer Interruptions 

It’s common for many employees to take time off during the holidays. That makes the season a great time for a professional painter to get started on your project. This can limit delays, distractions, and mishaps from employees accidentally touching wet paint on walls and so on. The painters can come in and do their job without having to stop frequently to accommodate ongoing business proceedings.

Professional painters can start the job earlier, stay longer or supplement the number of painters for paint jobs. This could mean a faster project completion.

4. Save Time 

Another great benefit of painting your business during the slow season is they can complete the project faster.  You won’t have to compete with other customers as you would during the summer months when professional painters are super busy. With more manpower available to contribute to the painting project, it can get done ahead of schedule. 

Painters can focus solely on your business without rushing, making sure you get a quality finish. Your paint project will take less time when more attention and resources are set aside for it.  Book your paint project in the off-season to get your project completed quickly.

5. Boost Employee Morale 

Some people experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, during this time of the year. Cooler temperatures, shorter days and less light can mean less productivity from your employees. Colors can help improve the mood.  Some colors can make you feel happier or calmer. Painting your business can boost the morale of your employees. 

boost company morale

In the wintertime, evening darkness sets in earlier. This can affect your employees’ moods during working hours, especially if your business operates after 5 pm. Workers are kept inside for hours and can start to feel tired and lethargic. 

One way to help lighten the mood of your employees is to apply new paint colors during the winter months. A fresh coat of paint can be an instant mood booster. By applying new paint to the interior of your business, you can be in control of how you set the tone when anyone works in or visitis your business. 

  • Productivity: While adding a fresh coat of paint can make any workplace seem cleaner and more welcoming, choosing the right color can boost productivity at work.
  • Mood: Colors affect the way we feel. You can use soft tones of yellow to inspire optimism, green for balance, and red to elevate energy levels.
  • Morale: Even in a great workplace, morale can fall if the environment stays the same for a long time. While your employees are gone for the holidays, have them return to a brand-new space by painting the walls a bright color. The return to a freshly painted building may be the spark you need to boost employee morale.

6. Revamp Your Brand for the New Year

Businesses have specific goals; therefore, buildings and office spaces should reflect those goals. If you’ve been in business for a while now, investing in painting services would be worthwhile. A new logo, color scheme, or branding will help your business if you’ve been in the same location for years. Give customers a refreshing change in the new year.

If your brand is exciting and bold you should have a paint job that complements this. On the other hand, if your brand is more conservative and traditional, a safer color choice will reflect this identity better. Either way, you don’t want a paint job that looks out of date. It should, however, be consistent with the rest of your brand so you make a great impression the minute customers walk through your doors.

7. Paint Dries Better and Faster

The more humidity your business endures, the longer it will take for your paint to dry. The paint does not mesh well with moisture.  If it is too humid, the paint will not properly adhere to the surface. In the summer, heat and humidity can amplify paint fumes indoors,

When paint takes longer to dry, it adds time to the project.

During the holiday months, the air becomes dryer and colder allowing the paint to cure faster. Cooler air means the paint will spread more evenly on the walls, and you won’t have to deal with it cracking or peeling.

When you paint the interior of your business, it’s always important to ventilate to protect yourself and employees from paint fumes.  One of the best ways to air them out of your home is to open the windows. This will also help the paint dry quicker. 

8. Improve Aesthetics 

The appearance of your building, inside and out, makes a difference with customers and employees.  Good aesthetics are pleasing to the eyes of customers or visitors driving by your business.  It gives them a sense of how your business is run and the type of service you provide.  Most customers use aesthetic factors to judge a business.  If the paint is faded, cracked or outdated, it may appear that you run your business in a shoddy way.

During the winter and holiday months, you can finally tackle those unsightly marks on your walls and doors. If everyone notices cracking or peeling paint, this is the time to upgrade your building while painters have more time. Besides, the natural light in the wintertime gives you more accuracy in choosing colors.

9. More for Spring/Summer Project Schedule and Budget

If painting your business is on the “must complete list” during the holiday months, it leaves more flexibility for scheduling the project.  You can save money and time by finishing your paint job now, leaving you with more time and money to use during the spring and summer months for other upgrades.

Scheduling projects during different seasons gives you time to focus on other business objectives. It can be more difficult if you tried to tackle everything during the spring and summer. Although there are projects that cannot be tackled during the winter months, like landscaping, painting during the winter is very possible. If you have the time during the holidays, schedule a professional painter now so you can free up time during the warmer weather for other priorities.

Why You Need to Paint Your Business

You’ll know your business needs a new paint job by its appearance. Look for these signs to get your painting project completed during the holiday months.

  • Peeling and Cracking. When paint cracks or peels, either internally or externally, it can allow water in, leading to other damage.
  • Bubbling. Pockets of air underneath the paint create bubbles on the wall.
  • Mold/Mildew. Excess moisture in the air from high humidity and rain can cause mold and other issues that quickly spread.
  • Dry rot happens when fungus from moisture grows underneath walls and floors. If left untreated, it can spread and wreak damage to your building’s foundation.
  • Fading/Chalking.  Old paint becomes chalky over time and the powdery paint comes right off.
  • Corporate Changes. New logos and branding often require new paint colors for your business.
  • Regulatory/Safety Changes. Compliance with changes in regulatory codes is cause for new paint for your business.

Now’s the Time to Paint

If you’re looking to brighten up your business during the holiday months, The Painting Pros is here to help. Our painting professionals have years of experience to get your business moving in the right direction. We use high-quality products and take pride in pleasing each customer with a quality finish. To get started on your painting project, contact us for a free estimate. 


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