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3 Tips to Safely Paint Your Hotel, Motel, or Restaurant


The hospitality industry is a competitive business. Hotels, motels, and restaurants depend on customers frequenting their establishment. One of the main factors for customer satisfaction is the appearance of the building, inside and out.

A rundown-looking hotel will get passed by potential patrons if the building looks outdated or unkempt.  It is the same for restaurants as well. A clean, fresh-looking interior is just as important as serving good food.

Customers have plenty of choices when it comes to dining at a restaurant or staying at a hotel. It’s important to make a great first impression since the decision is made rather quickly. The presentation can give people a reason to stay or cause them to pass your business by for one that has curb appeal.  Potential customers also want to feel your business is worth the cost.

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How to Safely Paint Your Business

The most economical way to update your business is with a fresh coat of paint.  Hiring painters who specialize in commercial buildings will give you the best option to make your hospitality business stand out.

A lot goes into the appearance of a hotel or restaurant. Furniture, carpeting, the layout, décor, cleanliness, and more all play a role in giving customers value.  All hospitality businesses will eventually need a paint job for the interior and exterior of the building.

Closing your business during a paint project can cost you a lot of revenue.  Employees’ and guests’ schedules must be considered when taking on a paint project.  Proper planning must be done before any paint is applied.

1. Choose the Right Paint

If you have peeling or chipped paint on the outside of your building, it needs to be replaced with a durable and easy to maintain finish. Hotels and restaurants remain busy with customers, employees, and suppliers going in and out. Choose an exterior paint finish that is aesthetically appealing and will endure the traffic these businesses have. 

Generally, restaurant owners should look for a satin or semi-gloss finish in their interior paint. High-gloss paints are very durable and easy to clean, but their shininess also reveals smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. Meeting somewhere in the middle could strike the right balance.

Being able to clean your walls is a must for high traffic, restaurant dining rooms. A satin or semi-gloss paint offers that crucial protection from moisture and is relatively easy to clean but isn’t so shiny that it shows every smudge.

For the interior, you want to choose a paint finish that is washable and easy to maintain. Hotel rooms and even hallway walls endure heavy abuse. Washable paints will help you maintain that clean, brilliant look that is pleasing to guests. Experienced hotel painters will have the proper tools, paints, and equipment to complete the job.

Only Low- or no-VOC Paints should be used. These low-VOC paints are essential to ensure that gases released from drying paint aren’t harmful or disruptive to guests, your staff, or painters.

The painting contractor should be an Environmental Protection Agency Lead-Safe Certified firm so you know that your guests, your business, and your staff are protected during the painting process.

A safety-first mentality is required when taking on a hotel or restaurant paint project. Professional painting equipment such as lifts and paint sprayers will ensure the project is completed on time and safely.

Preparation is key to a beautiful, long-lasting paint job. The interior and exterior walls should be properly prepped before painting. Power washing, sanding, wood repair, drywall repair, masonry repair, caulking, and sealing should all be used when necessary.

2. Minimize Disruption to Guests or Staff

Many hospitality business owners put off a paint update because of the impact it will have on guests and staff.  The key is to minimize interference as much as possible. The professional painters you hire should coordinate with the owner or building manager to develop a plan to help your business stay on schedule.

Painting a hotel or restaurant needs the painting crew to be flexible. Weeknights, weekends, or off-season times might work best to ensure minimal disruption.

The floors, furniture, and other decorative items must be protected during the project. You don’t want wet paint in guests’ hotel rooms or on dining furniture. Nor should patrons have to navigate their way around the painters and their equipment.

3. Choose an Experienced Hotel Painting Contractor

Painting needs for hotels can vary widely. While some hotels may simply need an exterior or interior paint refresh, others may require hotel restaurant or shop painting services. This is why professional hotel painters are skilled in a variety of commercial painting services and techniques. They know that the exterior of your hotel doubles as a brand symbol and the interior of your building must also match your brand aesthetic.

Reputable hotel and restaurant painters offer painting services that include:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Drywall and Masonry Repair
  • Caulking and Sealing
  • Power washing
  • Door and Window Painting
  • Wood Painting & Staining
  • Trim Painting
  • Ceiling Painting

Finding the Right Painter for Your Hospitality Business

Painting the interior or exterior of a hotel or restaurant requires a combination of painting skills and experience. You can’t hire just any painting company to get the job done right.

When you are looking for a commercial painter, you want the a contractor who delivers the best work and fits your budget and requirements. Hiring a painting company without the experience you need for your business will end with an unsatisfactory result.

Licensing and Insurance

A high-quality painter will have all of the necessary licenses and insurance needed to perform their job. If somebody gets hurt on the job and the painter you hire does not have insurance, then you could be liable for the injury. This could result in you owing thousands of dollars. To avoid this confusion, the paint company should carry liability coverage.

Make sure the painters have all of the following to ensure you and their crew are protected:

  • A license issued by your state.
  • Current safety certifications including Fall Protection & Aerial Lift Operation.
  • Multimillion-dollar general liability insurance coverage to protect you, your guests, your staff, and your hotel.
  • Ability to offer a bond if needed for your particular project.
  • Full workers compensation.

You will benefit greatly by hiring a company that has some years of experience. This will limit the likelihood of them making any amateur mistakes. Check their past work to understand their skill level. Check references that have had experience in the same type of work you need completed.

Don’t just take their word for it.  Make sure they have the proof to back up their claim of painting hotels and restaurants. Paint companies with a more active internet presence generally have lots of examples of their work to show.

If possible, always try to find photos of commercial spaces that reflect your own. In this way, you can have an expectation of what level of work to expect. Check for reviews and testimonials of their work. Look out especially for jobs similar to yours.


See if they are accredited with any official business groups such as a chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau and are members of the Painters Contractors of America.

A company with an active internet presence shows that they put effort and pride into its image. Take note of what kind of materials the painters are using. Make sure they use up-to-date painting techniques and quality paint. Some companies will overcharge you and still use cheap paint and other products, to save themselves money.

Avoid getting stuck with low-quality paints by discussing your preferences with the painting contractor ahead of time. Before signing any agreement or paying any money, make sure you are on the same page as the company. Ensure that you agree with their methods and products.


You should find a company that can work with your budget and proposed time frame. This is why it’s recommended to compare a few different companies. In this way, you can get a general idea of what the price should be and how long your job will take.

Make sure to have everything in writing. Don’t pay anyone until you see and fully understand your contract. It should include an itemized list of expenses. Some items you may see in this estimate are the materials, the cost per surface area, and the proposed timeline. Take a good look at each proposal thoroughly and compare the prices of everything on the list.

Trust the Painting Pros with Your Project

If you are currently looking for commercial painting services for your hotel or restaurant, The Painting Pros is the company to call. We offer high-quality interior and exterior painting to give your business the upgrade that it needs.   Contact us today for a free consultation.

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