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3 Ways Painting Improves Commercial Property Value


Being a commercial property owner provides good investment income and hopefully, property value appreciation in the long term. However, you won’t get the full benefits of commercial property investments without maintaining the property.

improve commercial property value

Proper maintenance is also important to presenting a positive first impression. When it comes to commercial properties, you always want to make a good first impression to visitors before and after they enter your building. One of the simplest and least expensive ways to do that is to keep its interior and exterior fresh with paint.

Make the Most of Your Investment

Cosmetic improvements can be a game-changer for commercial properties. These can include new landscaping, new decor, or a fresh paint job. You don’t have to break the bank to renovate your space. Repainting can benefit your bottom line and protect the building.

Any commercial property manager or facilities manager knows how critical it is to maintain the buildings you are responsible for. The appearance of your property can make or break a tenant’s decision to live or work there.

 Our team of experienced painters can transform the interior and exterior of your commercial property. Whether you have a vision in mind for your new painting project or want a professional eye to help you pick the perfect colors to complement your brand, we have the capabilities to handle your project.
your investments

Painting the exterior and interior of your commercial property is an easy and affordable way to improve property value. It also protects the property from more costly and preventable damage and repairs.

1. Raise the ROI

If you are thinking of selling, painting your property can make it more aesthetically pleasing. Property owners that can offer buyers what they’re looking for have a better chance of increasing the asking price. A professional paint job is an inexpensive way to give the exterior or interior of a commercial building an upgrade.

A building’s curb appeal will get buyers in the door. An exterior paint job is an excellent investment in your building’s future resale value. Fresh interior paint helps buyers better visualize what is possible in a space. A well-maintained building has a much higher market value.

2. Quality Tenants

Prospective renters for an office space or apartment building are more likely to approach your rental property if the exterior is visually appealing. A good first impression will certainly attract quality clients.

The more prospective renters you have means you can maintain a consistent revenue stream.  Updating the exterior and interior of the space will also keep current tenants happy.  Repainting rental properties can make tenants feel as though their building is better maintained than the other options that are available to them.

The general rule is to repaint every five years for a building to look well-maintained.  However, the frequency also depends on what the building is used for. A busy warehouse might need painting more often than a typical office space.

3. Increase Foot Traffic

We all tend to be more attracted to a building that looks well-kept and modern than we do to one that has a run-down appearance. Your commercial property is a representation of you and your company. It can leave a good or bad impression on clients, visitors, and customers.

If you rely on drawing customers to your location, your building’s exterior is the first impression you make on walk-ins. Interior paint makes your business more appealing, encouraging customers to stay longer.

In a retail space, a fresh coat of paint will make your store more inviting to passersby. If you own a shopping mall, for instance, a new paint job will bring your tenants’ stores more traffic. Pedestrians and motorists pass your building every day, so exterior paint is vital to your presenting an impression of cleanliness and viability.  Given the choice to enter a business with a shabby appearance or one that is attractive and well-kept, which would you choose?

A well-maintained exterior shows you are a vibrant, contributing member of the community. Beautifying your property is good for the surrounding area and can improve your reputation in the community.

Other Reasons to Paint Your Commercial Property

There are many benefits to a fresh coat of paint. Besides general upkeep, a paint job can have a subtle but powerful effect on your marketing and sales efforts. You can generate renewed interest from customers by making your store, restaurant, apartment, or office more inviting.


As your business evolves, you might update your logo or erect new signage.  These changes can include new paint colors to match the logo or exterior of the business. Whatever your rebrand entails, new paint can help you bring attention to it. It can make your commercial space more vibrant and immerse visitors in your brand when they enter your space.

Painting can also be a subtle way to signify change, even without a dramatic shift in your brand. A company under new ownership can use a new paint job to show the public that they’re ready for a fresh start. A business celebrating a milestone can give their space a bit of a facelift to mark the occasion. New paint can even indicate a change in business direction or an expanded product or service offering.

Customer Perception

Many customers use aesthetic factors to initially judge the reliability of a business. A freshly painted building is invigorating and welcoming, inspiring people to lend it more credibility.

Match Colors to Activities

Has the main business activity changed? If yes, then choose a new color for your walls or office space signaling a change in operations or job function. This will let your staff and customers know of new services being offered. 

Improve Your Workplace

Painting your business can benefit employees too. A comfortable work environment can have a lasting impact on workplace satisfaction and productivity.  A fresh coat of paint can create a more attractive work environment. When a company puts a little effort into its interior design and décor, it presents a more pleasant place to work.  

Color psychology explains the effects that different paint colors have on people. The colors you use on your walls can have a significant effect on the mood of your business. They can influence the energy in a room and generate a psychological response in customers.

According to the Color Marketing Group, the international association of color designers, each color influences our moods and can impact marketing efforts.

  • Black signifies strength, power, or authority. It’s best to use this color as an accent.
  • White creates a sense of purity, cleanliness, or neutrality. It can also spark creativity.
  • Gray fosters feelings of practicality or solidarity.
  • Red increases appetite, making it great for restaurants. It stimulates passion, movement, and excitement.
  • Blue promotes tranquility and peace thanks to its associations with water and the sky. It’s often used by conservative brands because it is also associated with reliability and security. Blue shades also promote productivity.
  • Green can relax customers and promote nature and the environment. It can also encourage decisiveness.
  • Yellow and orange are both cheerful and optimistic colors. Orange can also encourage impulsive shopping, so using it in retail establishments can work well.
  • Purple stimulates problem-solving and creativity.

Eliminate Paint Damage

Chipping and peeling paint is unattractive and reflects poorly on your business. While exterior paint has a long life and is tough and weather-resistant, it still requires maintenance and touch-ups. Outdoor paints will experience blistering and cracking over time. If you notice flakes or bubbles from your exterior paints, it’s probably time for a new coat.

  • Bubbling. Pockets of air underneath the paint create bubbles on exterior surfaces. If you see paint bubbling it could be signs of water damage.
  • Chalking. Old paint becomes chalky over time and can leave a powdery residue on your hand or clothes when the surface is touched.
  • Mold/Mildew. Look for stains, odors, or black spots on the surface of your building, walls, and floors. High humidity and rain are usual culprits of excess moisture that leads to mold and mildew.
  • Peeling or chipping paint does not provide the protective coating it once did. The peeling can spread and cause more damage to your building.
Protect Your Property

Painting is an important aspect of preventive maintenance for commercial properties. It is a cost-effective investment in your property. Keeping the building properly painted protects the outer surface of your building from deteriorating, avoiding expensive damages later.

Trust Your Building to Professional Commercial Painters

Whether you choose some new colors or keep your tried-and-true design, repainting your business will give your building a fresh professional look. A new paint job is an investment. It will attract new customers and impress your existing ones. You’ll also maintain your building and protect it from future repairs.

If your commercial building is ready for an update or in need of a little attention, call The Painting Pros. We’re dedicated to providing you with the top-quality workmanship you deserve.


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