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6 Paint Colors that Attract Customers

Color can seem like a small detail, but it is proven by psychologists and marketing teams as a highly influential part of the buying process.  How you present your business, brand, and products plays a part in driving customers to a business. Changing the color palette could have a huge effect on your sales.

Vivid, eye-catching colors contributes greatly to driving customer behavior. Whether it's the color inside or outside a business, there’s no question that high saturation colors and strong contrasting colors compel customers to act.

What to Consider when Choosing Colors for Your Business

There’s no single appropriate color for getting people’s attention to come into your store, buy an item, or sign up for a sales promotion. To begin the process of choosing paint colors, you must know who your customers are.

The components of color include the hue, value, and chroma. The hue of a color is where it fits on the light spectrum between red and violet. The value is the level of brightness. Darker colors with more black in them are known as shades, while lighter ones with more white are known as tints. Chroma is the level of vividness in the color. High chroma colors look saturated, while low chroma colors look washed out.

The value and chroma of a color influence human perception more than hue. Saturated colors outperform the low-saturation pastel ones, especially when the goal is to get a customer’s attention or to get a customer to take action.

To get the best customer results, follow these guidelines when choosing paint colors for your business:

  1. Choose high saturation colors
  2. Choose colors appropriate for the brand
  3. Think about colors beyond the logo

There is no perfect choice of color. Many experts suggest that choosing a mixture of colors to use throughout your business space is most beneficial. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a color theme for your business:

Company Mission – A company mission is a goal or philosophy by which your company stands. If you’re an ethical company, that’s part of your mission. If you are a quick-service company, speed is part of your mission.

Client Characteristics – Go through your client base. You can analyze anything from demographics, lifestyle, to personality traits to gauge what colors your audience would react well to.

Competitors – Pay attention to the colors successful competitors utilize and try to implement them into your custom style.

Business Environment and Outcome – Think about the results you want to get from your business. The color you choose for your business environment should match your business goals.

Paint Colors for Your Business and Customer

The color scheme you choose for your business can have a huge impact on profit, customer conversion rates, and overall success among your competitors. What seems like a trivial matter of aesthetics is a topic well-researched. There are many benefits to having some color instead of plain white everywhere.

Research has proven that color influences how a customer reacts to or sees a brand or commercial business. Color can both influence the mood and associations the customer makes with a business.

customers and paint colors

Here are the top colors that affect a customer’s interaction with a business:

1. Red

Red is the color of power. It gets people’s attention and holds it. It is the most popular color for marketing. The color red tends to increase the heart rate and create a sense of urgency. It makes customers more likely to take big action when they enter your business and increase the overall conversion rate.

You can have the company name or logo painted in red to grab the attention of customers on the outside or inside of your building.  Many outlet malls and retail shops use shades of red to attract customers to products on sale.

2. Blue

Blue is a more relaxed color and a bit softer than black.  When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, or evoke a sense of security, blue is the color for you.

Blue paint color is widely chosen as the essential color for a business. It is frequently used by places like banks and large department stores.

Blue is also used in healthcare facilities.  Painting a waiting room or exam room with a calming blue color helps patients feel at ease. To complement the nurturing relationships medical facilities have with their customers, a cooling blue paint color is the right choice.

3. Pink
Pink is a strong and bright color that grabs attention. It is effective on generating feelings of excitement in both males and females.

Pink is associated with harmony, femininity, and romance.  It is an ideal color for a commercial business that seeks to advertise personal services such as beauty or spa care. This color is also great for retail shops that sell perfume and lingerie. A pink interior can draw women in and make them feel comfortable while they shop.

4. Green

Green is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling and creating impressions of wealth. It increases open-minded thinking among your customers.  Purchasing behavior can be triggered in customers and get them to consider products they normally would ignore or avoid.

5. Orange
Orange is an energetic attention-getting color that makes customers feel good. It communicates good value deals and low costs to customers.  Customers feel they’re dealing with a cutting-edge company they can trust which urges them to respond.  Include orange paint color in your color scheme for a vibrant appeal to your customers.
6. Gray

When choosing a color that is neutral and accepting, you should consider gray. It represents modesty and makes customers feel comfortable and welcome. To convey friendliness and informality, choose a gray paint color for your business.

Demographics, Location, and Paint Colors

Color is an important factor in marketing your business to certain groups of people.  Good use of color will draw in customers from your target market. The paint colors you choose have an impact on your audience based on their gender, age, and income level.

Besides color, a commercial building that is well maintained will also help attract customers. Which colors work well with a particular customer base? Here are a few tips to help you choose for your business.

Gender: Men and women both respond to yellow and orange; however, more men are attracted to blue.

Children: Vibrant secondary and primary colors like yellow, blue, red, and green grab their attention. They are also drawn to solid blocks of colors rather than patterns.

Teenagers: This group of customers loves to experiment with different shades of colors and patterns that are more elaborate.

Adults: Comfortable and relaxing shades of blue, green, and purple draw adults in. Older women are attracted to colors in the purple family. Shades include lavender, mauve, and plum shades.

As a business owner, you must also think about where your business is located. Think about the surroundings, the type of neighborhood, and the architecture of the building. Here are a few more questions to consider:

  • Is the landscaping bright and verdant year-round?
  • Does your building's location experience snow?
  • Are the driveways, parking lots, or walkways only neutral colors?
  • What colors are the surrounding buildings?
  • Does your building sit in a historic district or lie within an industrial park? If so, you may need permission from the city’s historical society or the property management company to paint outside of their restrictions.

Reasons Your Commercial Building May Need A New Coat of Paint

Painting a commercial building has many benefits. It protects the surface from water and sun damage.  If it’s been a while since your building or commercial property has been painted, or it has suffered some damage, it may be time for an update. Here are a few problems that may indicate you need a fresh paint job.

  • Peeling or chipping paint can be caused by moisture or an improperly prepared surface.
  • Corporate changes usually involve using different colors, logos, or a name change.
  • Pockets underneath the paint that create bubbles on the wall
  • Fading or uneven coloring on exterior walls

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Whether you’re looking to bring on the right team to help with house painting, commercial painting, or any sort of building makeover, finding the best contractors for the job and ensuring the project is a huge success can get tricky. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your personal color preferences when choosing a color for your business.

We suggest that you do your research or reach out to our professional painters at The Painting Pros for more suggestions and advice on ideal colors based on your business. We offer FREE color consultations for all of our customers.

Fortunately, color is not permanent, and can always be replaced with an option that better suits your commercial business needs. Whether you moved to a new location or added a new service to attract a different type of customer, The Painting Pros can transform your building as your business grows.

For all your painting needs, we’re here to keep your commercial business looking beautiful and protected from the elements. Let us help you on your journey to success one paint job at a time.


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