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8 Benefits of Having a Paint Color Consultant

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Choosing the right paint colors for your home is an exciting project that all homeowners either look forward to or dread. It can be even more daunting if you are overwhelmed with different opinions of family members on which color scheme to choose. 

If you want quality results for the look and feel of your home, you need to consider working with a color consultant. You may not be aware of the benefits you could enjoy as a result of hiring a color consultant for your next project.  

A color consultant can turn an overwhelming process into a pleasant experience. They can walk you through the process. First, they will observe your style and tastes while listening to your needs and expectations.  They must also study the architectural features of your home. Whether you have a one-room painting project or an entire house to decorate, you can enlist the services of a color consultant to help you choose:

  • Interior/Exterior Paint Colors

  • Flooring Selections

  • Backsplash and Countertops

  • Window Treatments

  • Accessories and Decor selections

Pulling Everything Together

Interior design is a world of endless possibilities especially when it comes to choosing a paint color. You may have an idea of what color you’re looking for, but never considered the shade, saturation, or even the hue of the color. If you’re about to embark on a new design adventure in your home, consider consulting with a professional color consultant. You’ll enjoy the following advantages that they offer.

1. Knows Complex Colors

Most homeowners don’t understand how to choose primary and secondary colors. A color consultant will be able to explain the difference and which ones are complementary with the decor. Colors are so complex now that there is no longer just one color shade. Even white has different shades and undertones. 

You may like gray but may not know the best gray paint for your space. A professional consultant can help you understand your options and guide you towards making the best choice.  Their insight will assist you in choosing the best shades to suit your project.

2. Understanding Trends and Classics 

Your color consultant will be your guide into the interior design world. They will be able to give you the scoop on popular colors and expand your list of options. Having someone to consult with who understands the trends is important if you plan on putting your home on the market soon. Many of the design aspects of your home will be attractive to a wider pool of potential buyers.

Classic colors withstand the test of time. A color consultant can help you to determine if a classic color works best for your design project.  You can use a classic color and still use accent pieces to introduce trendy colors. The color consultant you hire can help put these colors together. 

3. Knowledge of Paint Products

A color consultant is knowledgeable about all of the paint products available on the market. They can advise on the paint sheen required for each room. They can offer several recommendations that are suitable for your project.

4. Creativity

If you’re not planning to replace your existing furniture, a color consultant can work with what you already have. Using their creativity with paint colors to enhance the style and look of your home is their expertise. 

5. Flexibility

Nothing is black or white for a color consultant. They deal with color schemes daily and have a creative flair. They are flexible in their suggestions and color options if you had something else in mind. 

Always keep the lines of communication open between you and your color consultant. If you don’t like the paint color they are suggesting, let them know immediately.  They will be sure to recommend another one that will make you happy.

6. Ties It All Together

Not only will a color consultant suggest the best colors for your home based on your lifestyle, personality, and functionality, he or she will also be happy to give you decorating ideas that will complement your home.

A color consultant will help you tie it all together. From the paint that you choose for your walls to the accompanying furniture and accessories, your design consultant will help you make sense of the size of the space, colors, and accent pieces. They will show you the way that these elements work together cohesively.

7. Saves Time

Hiring a color expert will save you a lot of decision-making time when it comes to choosing your furniture and other features that will go into the room. It’s great to come to the first meeting with colors that excite and inspire you. The consultant will then be able to take those design instincts that you have and apply them to your home. Having an expert be able to narrow down some of your decisions will ultimately save you plenty of time.

8. Saves Money

Indecision and mistakes can be costly. You may end up wasting money on choices you thought would work but ultimately don’t. A color consultant can put you on the right track at the beginning and help to optimize your purchases. After creating a clear design with your consultant, you can then make the right purchases for your paint, furniture, and other decor items.   

When to Hire a Color Consultant

Color consultants are devoted to helping people choose hues. Some are interior designers, decorators, or architects who offer color consulting as part of a range of services. If you need to choose exterior paint colors, come up with a whole-house palette, or just feel overwhelmed, a color consultant might be the pro you need to help you come up with a beautiful color palette for your home. 

Here are a few instances when you should hire a color consultant to guide you through the process of choosing colors.

Exterior House Paint Color

Depending on the type of paint and surface, exterior paint can last a decade or even longer. However, the colors you choose are just as important. A color consultant can work with you to find a color combination that works with your home’s architecture, the neighborhood setting, and your sense of style.

Stepping Out of Your Color Comfort Zone

Whether you feel ready to take a bold leap out of your comfort zone or a tiny step, a color consultant can meet you where you are. They can encourage you to explore other color options

Starting with One Piece You Love

Have a rug or piece of artwork you just have to showcase in your home? A color consultant can use that one special piece as a starting point for a color scheme for your home.

Help Reach a Compromise

Trying to decide on paint colors when you have differing opinions from a spouse, partner, or fellow residents of a shared building can be a challenge. A good color consultant can listen to each of the stakeholders involved and then diplomatically help find color options that may appeal to everyone.

Need to Create a Whole-House Palette

Deciding on paint colors that work together throughout a home can be difficult. It’s important to give each room its character while keeping in mind how each space flows into the next.


A major remodel is a great opportunity to rethink your home’s color scheme. Enlisting the services of a color consultant can help make the process less stressful. 

Historic Homes

Whether you want to accurately reproduce the original historic colors of your home or nod to the history while moving in a more modern direction, a color consultant can guide you on which colors to use.


If the paint aisle at your local hardware store leaves you feeling overwhelmed, it may be worth hiring a color consultant to help guide you through the process. You don’t need to know what you want before bringing a color consultant on board. 

Need to Choose Paint Colors Quickly

If you don’t have much time and your move-in date is around the corner, a color consultant can help streamline the process of picking paint colors. You can get all of the painting work completed before moving day. 

The Paint Color Experts

Before you can decide on the perfect color for your home, you should already be working with the ideal team of painters and color consultants. At The Painting Pros, we have the training, skills, experience to get the job done right. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect color for your painting project and offer you tips every step of the way. 

When it comes to creating the look you want for your home, let us take care of it for you. Our professional color consultant will listen to your wants and expectations. You will be provided with suggestions and color combinations to suit your home’s decor and architecture. We look forward to working with you and showing you all that we can do. Contact us today to set up a color consultation for your next paint project. 


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