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The Psychology of Paint Colors


Color is an important factor when selecting the best paint for your home or commercial building because color can affect what a person feels in a particular space. This is based on factual evidence with a scientific basis.

Light with different wavelengths will bounce off the retina and then this is converted into electrical impulses that reach the hypothalamus (a part of your brain that controls hormones). Thus, a specific color has certain effects on people who live and work in the area.

How Colors Affect Mood and Emotions

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It’s important to choose the right paint colors for your home or business, not only for aesthetics but also for the mood you are looking to create.

Colors in Your Home

Different rooms in your home are used for various purposes. For example, in a bedroom, you usually want to instill calm feelings that promote restfulness. The colors blue or green work well here. Blue paint shades have a soothing effect and can lower the heart rate. Green has a calming effect and may help people to feel balanced and optimistic. 

Green is also appropriate for home study rooms since it enhances memory and problem-solving. Painting an area green where a lot of reading or meditating occurs can promote pleasant feelings.

Red, orange, and yellow, which tend to stimulate the nerves, including the mind and body. These colors may be suitable for the kitchen, living room, recreation room, exercise room, and other spaces with more activity.

Colors in the Workplace

Green may also be used in offices and commercial establishments because it allows for better memory and problem-solving. However, it should not be the predominant color in workspaces because of its calming effect that may cause employees to feel tired or sleepy. The same may be said for the blue color, which has soothing effects and reduces the heart rate.

Business owners who want their workers to be active, productive, and alert may opt for red, orange, and yellow, which tend to stimulate the nerves, including the mind and body.

For certain industries, paint color choice can be important because it can affect customers, such as in restaurants. The choice of color of the interior of the restaurant can influence the food choices made, and thus the amount of money customers spend. 

Using warms colors like red and orange at the entrance to an eating establishment can make people feel warmer and more relaxed. For small restaurants, using light colors, such as white, light gray, or beige can make the interior appear bigger. Yellow and red are the most commonly used colors in restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants because they boost the heart rate, which makes customers eat fast and leave quickly.

Choosing the Paint Colors that Deliver 

Deciding on paint colors is probably the hardest part of having your home or business painted. You can get professional help when you hire The Painting Pros of Los Gatos, California. We provide free color consultations for all of our clients. Whether you need help choosing colors for your home or office, we can help. 

Our professional paint color and design consultant has the training and experience to know what colors will work best for your situation. There are hundreds of paint colors available; choosing one particular hue can be overwhelming.

Our design expert will work with you to suggest the colors that are most appropriate for your needs and preferences. Before making a recommendation, the color consultant will interview you to find out your color likes and dislikes and what your specific goals are. We’ll then evaluate your current space, including the existing colors of the interior and/or exterior parts of the home or building. 

Getting Full Service with The Painting Pros

At The Painting Pros, we know that decisions on the right color combinations that will complement your décor do not come easy to most people. It’s a complicated process to determine what product and color are best for ceilings, walls, trims, and other accent areas. 

We also know that you expect outstanding quality and customer service when you hire a painting contractor. We strive to deliver the best painting results for a fair price to all our customers, both residential and commercial.

Besides commercial and residential interior and exterior painting, The Painting Pros also repairs drywall and cleans and restores redwood decks.  We’ve been serving satisfied customers in Los Gatos, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Almaden, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, as well as other cities and towns in the area.

We would love to be your painting contractor. Give us a call for a free estimate.


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