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4 Benefits of Getting our “Remote Quote”, a Virtual Painting Estimate

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, professional painting companies are taking the necessary precautions to serve clients.  As the country cautiously reopens, protecting the health of customers and employees is taken seriously. Keeping homes and businesses protected with a fresh coat of paint is important as well. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses across the country to seek new ways to provide service to clients and customers. More employers are resuming operations with staff working from home.  This requires technology that supports working remotely. Zoom Meetings, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams are now daily tools for business owners to interact with their teams and customers.

No matter the industry, everyone must adjust to these new circumstances. Painting professionals like The Painting Pros are using tools that allow them to provide estimates remotely. Virtual estimates are now a standard for most home services. Pictures and videos are used as visual sources used to give guidance for a paint project instead of in-person consultations.

Working in the New Normal

According to health officials, one of the ways to contain the spread of the virus is to limit contact with others. Thanks to technology, the transition from the more traditional means of communicating and engaging with customers has been smooth. Although the current routine is not the same as pre-pandemic, the commitment to service and quality remains unchanged.

Residential and commercial painting services can still be provided with limited or no contact. The Painting Pros is implementing the CDC guidelines in their daily operations.  Even without the face-to-face nature of the painting business, customers can rely on a professional team to get things done without any interruptions.

Benefits of Virtual Estimates During the Pandemic

A virtual estimate is a term we use to refer to the creation of a price quote for a painting project developed from a remote site.  The Painting Pros’ top priority is to keep our customers and our crews safe. We are continually thinking of creative and innovative ways of serving our customers.

Offering virtual estimates is one of the many ways we are adapting our business to serve you. This method satisfies the ongoing recommendations of both local and national health officials.

Our goal is to provide some normalcy to homeowners and businesses facing these new challenges. The world may be on pause, but The Painting Pros’ virtual estimate process can help your painting project plans move ahead safely.

Here are some advantages to our virtual estimation process during these challenging times.

1. Avoids in-person interaction.  According to the CDC, the coronavirus is spread primarily through close contact from person to person. Social distancing or no contact is key to beating the virus. Virtual estimates eliminate the possibility of spreading the virus, keeping all parties involved safe and healthy. Best practices are constantly being updated.

2. More time to review and ask questions. Measurements and project details will be collected via phone, Facetime, or Zoom.  The quote will be emailed to you for review. Another Zoom or Facetime session can be set up to go over the quote and answer any questions, address concerns, or update a project.

3. Shorten your to-do list.  While some cities are slowly re-opening, others are still enforcing stay-at-home orders. Most homeowners have a project list that seems impossible to get done during a pandemic. Painting professionals that offer virtual estimates can help you gain some momentum by taking the first step in asking for a quote. Checking off the painting project on your list will give you motivation to begin other much -needed home improvements.

4. Less Paperwork. Estimates and invoices are sent by email. Customers can sign the contract and make payments without encountering any of the physical risks that paperwork presents during this time, no matter how minimal it may be.

How to Schedule a Virtual Estimate

With The Painting Pros, the painting estimate you were considering doesn’t need to wait, thanks to our virtual, no-contact process. Technology rises above the coronavirus, meaning there’s no need for us to get close or even knock on your door. The entire estimation process can take place digitally from start to finish with no need for in-person meetings, even when it comes time to sign.

  • It starts with an online or phone inquiry about the services a customer is interested in.
  • A follow-up video or phone call will be scheduled to review the needs of the customer, whether it be an interior or exterior paint job and to discuss the details of the project. The tools that have been implemented for these online meetings include Zoom and Facetime to discuss service options and details.
  • Before we write up an estimate, viewing the space to be painted is necessary. The customer has the option of emailing photos or using a video tool to show the painters the area in their home or business that needs painting. We try to make this step as simple as possible for the customer. For those clients who are not comfortable using these tech tools, we provide easy instructions to walk them through the process.
  • Once we’ve seen the area to be painted, our team of professionals will consider everything and write up the estimate. The estimate is emailed to the customer for review. The painting bid can be discussed in detail with a Zoom call. Any questions the customer has can be answered at this point. The Painting Pros estimates are good for thirty days.
  • If the customer agrees to the terms and scheduling in the estimate, a signature and date are required to begin work.  That can be accomplished by the customer printing the estimate, signing, then either scanning and emailing it, or sending it through postal mail. The invoice will be emailed to the customer.

Prefer an In-Person Estimate?

We understand that technology does not replace in-person interactions. On-site estimates can still be completed for paint projects. We can still assess the job effectively while respecting safe distancing guidelines.

Our paint crew will wear face masks, wash hands, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and wear shoe coverings. Our goal is to remove even the slightest risk of coronavirus exposure for our customers and our team.

What’s Included in a Painting Estimate

As a legal document, a painting estimate outlines what both the client and painter can expect. Clients should receive an estimate within 48 hours after assessment. This shows that a professional painting company is most likely reliable and trustworthy.

Make sure the company is licensed and insured. Usually, on every estimate, the company’s license number is listed. A physical address and phone number should be available. This helps with credibility and confirms that they are local. A painting quote should have four main parts.

  • The Scope: Outlines the areas to be painted. It should list all the rooms, walls, surface material, special requests of paint brands, and special services.
  • Specification: Provides a detailed procedure of how the areas and surfaces will be prepped and painted.
  • Price: Depending on the scope of the job, this can be reflected as either an itemized budget, broken down by areas of priority, or it can just be a single cost for all the items listed in the scope section of the estimate.
  • Terms & Conditions: Includes start and end date, acknowledgment of any special services, quoted price, signatures and date signed.
painting exterior

Boost Protection and Curb Appeal

Paint is important because it affects the appearance and the protective barrier of a home or commercial building. Paint acts as a deterrent against the elements and rotting. Delaying to re-paint could lead to costly damages later.

Protective Coating

The current paint on the exterior of the building can get stressed out. Due to the exposure to high winds, snow, ice, humidity, and heat, paint begins to show signs of aging. When paint begins to crack or peel, water can infiltrate through the surface and cause more damage.

This gives mold and fungus the means to grow. Paint forms a waterproof surface for water to roll off the house to the ground. It also fills small gaps and holes that could otherwise serve as collection points for water.  Paint keeps out unwanted substances and protects what’s inside.

A new coat of paint can provide immediate protection and prevent costly damage down the road.  Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to avoid expensive repairs. Keeping a building painted is one of the best defenses against premature aging and rotting.

Improve Curb Appeal

Paint makes up most of the visual space on the exterior and interior of a building. Maintaining a good appearance is part of the upkeep of both residential and commercial property. Curb appeal is an important term in real estate.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, repainting your home can increase value and grab the attention of potential buyers. Or if you’re a property manager of a multi-family building or other commercial entity, painting can increase the occupancy rate.

Ongoing Professionalism and Outstanding Customer Service

The Painting Pros continues to provide quality services and paint finishes for residential and commercial clients during these unprecedented times. Our team of professional painters will continue to follow the CDC guidelines, including wearing face masks and social distancing.  Now that you know how to get a virtual estimate, contact us today for your next paint project.


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