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Does Your Commercial Building Need a Facelift?


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Commercial buildings can be used as a large office, factory, medical center or retail. These are places where people work and spend as much or more time there than at home. There are also customers who frequent many of these buildings. Keeping employees and customers excited involves many factors. One of them is to provide a clean, fresh area in which to work or visit.  An easy way to do that is to apply a fresh coat of paint to your building.

12 Signs You Need A New Coat of Paint

Exterior surfaces take a beating from the weather.  The heat, rain, and snow all contribute to the deterioration of the once beautiful appearance of your commercial building. Interior surfaces also need to be maintained. The wear and tear of the floors and walls lead to an unattractive environment. These signs will tell you it’s time to revamp the look of your business.

  1. Bubbling. Pockets of air underneath the paint create bubbles on exterior surfaces. If you see paint bubbling it could also be a sign of water damage.
  2. Peeling or chipping paint does not provide the protective coating it once did. The peeling can spread and cause more damage to your building.
  3. Fading. Ultraviolet rays from the sun contribute to uneven coloring on your building’s exterior.
  4. Chalking. Old paint becomes chalky over time and can leave a residue on your hand or clothes when touched. It becomes a powdery substance that comes right off the wall.
  5. Rotting occurs when fungus from moisture grows underneath walls and floors. Damage to your commercial building’s foundation is possible if not treated promptly.
  6. Mold/Mildew. Look for stains, odors, or black dots on the surface of your building, walls, and floors. High humidity and rain are usual culprits of excess moisture that leads to mold and mildew. Take care of this immediately to keep your employees and tenants safe.
  7. Customers notice. If you hear your customers or clients mention the damage they see around or inside your building, it’s time for a new paint job. You don’t want potential sales to be thwarted over an unkempt building.
  8. Your building looks worse than those nearby. The appearance of your building gives people a glimpse of how you run your business. To have more curb appeal than nearby businesses, you need a fresh coat of paint.
  9. Corporate changes. New management may want to brand the company differently. This requires a new look, not only in how the company is run, but the logo or colors could change. Painting your building is an easy and cost-effective way to let the public know your company is headed in a different direction.
  10. Regulatory updates. To ensure the safety of your employees, painting different areas of the building may be required to comply with industry regulations.  Line striping and other marks will need continual repainting to help reduce accidents in the workplace.
  11. Safety Concerns. Signs and markings in the parking lot or walkways keep traffic flowing safely. If you can only see half the sign because the paint is almost gone, repainting them will ensure visitors can find their way around your building. You want everyone to leave with a positive experience.
  12. Repurposed Space. The interior walls of a commercial building may need to be repainted if renovations have taken place. New departments or the production of a new product will require a room to be re-designed. Considering how the space is used will determine the type and color of paint required.

Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Building

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A fresh coat of paint on your building provides more than an upgrade to its curb appeal. There are other benefits gained by painting both the exterior and interior surfaces of your building. Some are tangible, while others are intangible.

  • Protection from damage
    Paint gives the exterior of your building protection from the sun, water, and insects. Depending on the type of paint used, you can include paint with special properties.  You can apply paint that is resistant to heat, water and mold, and prevents corrosion.  All are important properties to help prevent damage.
  • Extends the lifespan of siding
    A good quality paint should last at least five years on your commercial building.
  • A good customer perception
    Some customers use aesthetic factors to decide if they want to buy from a business or not.  A freshly repainted building gives the impression that your business is welcoming, and you offer quality services.
  • Improve morale
    Changing up the environment at your business may provide a boost in employee morale. New paint colors on the wall can get workers excited and more productive again.
  • Mood changer
    Research shows that colors affect the way we feel. Painting a space green gives balance, while red paint color elevates the energy in the room which can boost productivity.
  • Save money on interior decorating
    Redecorating a meeting room or lobby area does not have to be expensive. New paint can cut costs simply with a change of color.  You can use two different colors on the wall in place of more new furniture to make a space more inviting.
  • Stress-reliever
    Calming colors like yellow or light blues offer a relaxing atmosphere in your building and office space.

Types of Commercial Buildings that May Need Repainting


Office Buildings

These can be single-tenanted or multi-tenanted, and many are build-to-suit. They are categorized into urban and suburban properties. Urban office buildings are found in major cities and suburban office buildings are typically located outside of the city.

Before painting an office building it must be power-washed. This cleans dirt, mold, and mildew from the surface before applying any primer or paint. Working carefully near plants, flowers, and other landscaping is important.

Retail Properties

Retail buildings include restaurants, multi-tenant, and single-use properties. Painting a retail building’s exterior and interior involves strategic planning. Shopping centers must keep customers coming back as well as providing decor that can stand up to the daily wear and tear of high-traffic.

When repainting a retail building, it needs to have a coordinated color scheme that stimulates the customers. The paint colors chosen should be inviting and assist in a positive shopping or dining experience for repeat patrons and visitors.

Poorly maintained exterior surfaces of retail buildings say a lot about a business. Painting your exterior can clean up the look and improve the expectations of potential customers. Retail property owners must consider when to paint and how often due to the limited amount of downtime permitted by retail operations.

Multi-family Buildings

This type of commercial building covers all forms of residential real estate outside of single-family. It includes condos, apartments, townhomes, high-rise apartment buildings, and co-ops.

Painting a multifamily building usually takes a few days.  Both exterior and interior surfaces need repainting over time.  Applying new paint to the exterior of multifamily buildings is extremely important because it prevents termite damage and increases the overall property value.

A freshly painted interior promotes a happy living environment to attract new families to your building. If you want results in renovating a multi-family building, a new paint job is a quick and cost-effective way to get them.

Medical Buildings and Hospitals

Doctor’s offices, hospitals and other healthcare buildings should always portray cleanliness and serenity.  Patients want to feel comfortable and safe. If they see paint chipping or peeling, they may assume the caregivers will be neglectful with them as well. Many are anxious or nervous about their visits, so painting the interiors of these buildings in a soft hue, like light blue or soft gray can help.


Hospitality buildings include establishments providing accommodations, banquets, and other services for travelers and tourists. These buildings may be independently operated or part of a major chain. We’ve all heard that a business location is important; however, if your hospitality building looks run down, potential guests will not be impressed and choose an establishment that seems to care more about their appearance.

A quality paint job can help hospitality business owners achieve a safe and relaxing atmosphere for their guests. Hotel rooms should be repainted every few years. Since hallways and lobbies see a lot of traffic, these areas may need to be painted more frequently.  The lobby is the first area guests see.  Touching up the interior walls and trim will go a long way to ensure the lobby is always looking good.

Industrial Buildings

These buildings house industrial operations for a variety of tenants and are usually located along major transportation routes outside of urban areas. Industrial buildings are grouped into four categories: heavy manufacturing, bulk warehouse, flex industrial, and light assembly.

If you see the exterior or floor markings deteriorating, then it is time to apply new paint. Most warehouses and manufacturing facilities use floor coatings and line striping to:

  • Promote a safe work environment by calling attention to hazards, marking walkways and indicating aisles.
  • Improve the appearance of the building.
  • Better organization and use of space.

Metal siding is a popular material for industrial buildings. Over time it can start to show corrosion or rust. The best way to deal with this issue is to hire a professional commercial painter to give your building a new look.

Special Purpose Buildings

Special purpose buildings include amusement parks, churches, self-storage, and bowling alleys. They all can benefit from exterior and interior paint applications. They all have relatively heavy traffic, so they should be painted when it is noticeable to encourage patrons to visit.

For the Best Commercial Painter, Hire The Painting Pros

Whatever type of commercial building you maintain, keep it looking clean on the outside and inside by applying a new coat of paint.  The Painting Pros can help you with all your commercial painting needs. Contact us today for a free quote.


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