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Commercial Building Paint Colors Are an Important Factor


A solid business model, great value, and exceptional customer service are still needed for a business to thrive. In a world where the competition gets tougher week after week, any extra little edge a business can get could turn out to make a real difference.

The appearance of a commercial building, specifically the paint colors, could turn out to be the difference in the minds of customers from a competitor down the street or across town. A commercial painting project can have a large impact on a business. Time and effort in choosing the right color scheme and the right professional painting company will pay off.

commercial paint colors

Primary and Accent Colors

Since commercial buildings are typically larger than residential spaces, the primary color is the most important decision for commercial paint projects. The primary color is what most of the building will be painted. For large buildings, a neutral color scheme is the best option. It will blend in with the surrounding area and complement a logo or exterior signage. Other primary color considerations include:

  • Location of the building
  • Size of the building
  • Type of Business/Service

Once the primary color is chosen, consider accent colors to provide uniqueness and interest. A commercial building without accent colors will look flat and boring. Accent colors can be used to break up the primary color. Certain elements can stand out against the primary color such as trim and doors.

The colors of any commercial building help to identify it to customers, which is why these choices should not be taken lightly. Many factors should be considered before choosing colors and applying paint to the building. A developer or commercial building owner should carefully plan how to ensure the exterior and interior is inviting and well-maintained.

1. Customer Base

Knowing the type of customer a business serves can help tailor the color scheme of the building to attract a specific type of person to the business. A toy store would do well to incorporate bright colors in the color scheme to grab the attention of children. On the other hand, a law office would consider browns or neutrals to reflect a sense of trust and security for clients to feel comfortable.

2. Architecture and Building Material 

In addition to picking a color palette that would serve a business well, also consider the style of the commercial building and its exterior materials. The material itself not only affects the appearance of paint color, but it also may dictate a specific product to use. For example, wood requires different paint than concrete and stucco.

If a commercial building is located in a historical district, there are architectural standards that must be adhered to before starting a commercial paint project. Changes usually have to be cleared by a governing board in historical districts to ensure consistency in the neighborhood.

3. Branding

The brand guide for business is important for marketing and driving sales. Commercial building owners can use the company’s logo, business cards, website, social media graphics, and other branding assets to help determine paint colors for the commercial buildings where they are tenants.

Every brand guide has a color swatch or palette that is purposefully put together to seamlessly represent company values and mission. This can be used to ensure the building complements the brand.

4. Surrounding Area

Look at what surrounds a commercial building when choosing paint colors. If it sits on a small lot, a darker color will prevent it from looking too large for the lot. Consider the landscaping and other buildings on the street. The exterior color can be in the same color family of the other surrounding commercial buildings; however, a bold accent color can help make it stand out.

A commercial building should look professional and appealing to anyone that sees it. Old, faded and cracked paint does not convey a positive message when potential customers walk by. A well-maintained building exterior with a color scheme that is both striking and appropriate will likely help attract more people. Ultimately the approach taken with a commercial painting project is going to come down to the color choices and the painting professionals chosen to complete the job.

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