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7 Reasons to Have Your Business Painted During the Holidays


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The holidays can be a hectic time for businesses. Some have to hire seasonal workers and make sure shelves are stocked, while other businesses might close for a couple of weeks. Businesses that fall into this latter category can use this extended downtime to their advantage by investing in some building renovations.

The holiday season is the optimal time to take care of maintenance projects. These can include hiring professionals to make repairs, restore flooring, or repaint your building. It’s safer, quicker, and less disruptive to do so around this time.

Businesses are wise to invest in exterior or interior painting around the holidays. Some commercial painting companies offer additional services such as drywall repairs, replacing rotted wood, and power washing the exterior. Painting is an opportunity to make your commercial property more welcoming and attractive.

Why Paint Now?

Repainting the inside or outside of a building revives the aesthetic appeal of a business.

Scheduling the painting work during the holiday season is advantageous for several reasons.

1. Least Occupied

Even if the company doesn’t completely shut down operations, the holiday season is the time of the year when many employees choose to take time off. Less workers make it an excellent time for you to complete maintenance projects like painting.

Currently, many businesses are closed because of government restrictions resulting from COVID-19 health concerns and social distancing. That means your commercial office building is empty at a time when it usually would not be. Instead of having this time be unproductive, you can make the best of it and schedule your painting project.

Painting a commercial building when it is vacant or less occupied is best because it will limit the interruptions. This is a benefit not only for the individuals who work for the business but also for the clients or guests. Your employees or clients will not be inconvenienced trying to make their way around the painters.

2. Less Disruptions

Having painters work when fewer employees are present means you do not need to work around employees or change your schedule to accommodate the painters. In addition to not working around your employees, you will not have to work around your customers.

If you have a lot of construction workers and painters all over the place, your customers may think your company is unorganized and chaotic. The confusion and chaos could drive them to take their business someplace else.

3. Painters Are More Available During Slow Seasons

For professional painters, business is usually slow during the holidays. Companies who want to keep all their employees busy can put more resources into your paint project. Having more staff working on your project will enable them to complete the job much faster.

4. More Likely to Get a High-Quality Paint Job

Accomplishing a successful paint project takes pre-planning and prepping. Instead of using your maintenance department employees to paint your offices, a professional commercial painting company can do it better. Professionals have the experience, equipment, and skill to paint most surfaces. They can even assist with choosing paint colors for the interior and exterior.

5. Completing the Paint Job Faster

All commercial buildings are not capable of removing employees. These include hospitals, hotels, or a police station. In that case, you will have to find a way to work around the employees. Even if you cannot completely close a section, you may be able to limit the amount of activity happening in that area.

Having to work around a lot of people and equipment could slow down the progress of a painter. It is best to do the work when there is the least amount of distractions and minimal interruption. If you cannot remove all employees from a particular area, you should adjust the times for the paint contractors to arrive.

Allowing a paint project to be completed during slow times enables the painters to work on their own schedule and not have to follow a business regular work routine. They can begin painting earlier, remain longer, and assign more painters, if necessary, to speed things up. This can assist your business in avoiding possible delays and extra expenses.

6. Don’t Have to Work Around Work Schedules

If you schedule a painting project at a time when employees are on vacation or working remotely, painters won’t have to work in the evening hours after everyone has left the building. Working on weekends won’t be necessary if the painting project is scheduled during the holidays.

You will also save money due to upcharges incurred by painting contractors working on the weekends. If no one is in the building, commercial painting contractors will be able to assign more painters during regular business hours and get it done faster.

7. Return to an Updated Building

Employees are more productive when they work in a comfortable environment. In addition to having the building set at the right temperature, you should have the right paint color on the walls. Different paint color schemes create a more calming and productive atmosphere than others. If you want to see your business grow, you need to keep your employees and customers happy.

Reasons Your Commercial Building May Need a New Coat of Paint

Painting a commercial building has many benefits. It protects the exterior surface from water and sun damage.  If your building or commercial property has been around for a while or has suffered some damage, it may be time for an update. Here are a few problems that may arise, indicating a new paint job is in order.

  • Peeling or chipping paint can be caused by moisture or an improperly prepared surface.
  • Corporate changes usually involve using different colors, logos, or a name change.
  • Pockets underneath the paint that create bubbles on the wall
  • Fading or uneven coloring on exterior walls

Things to Know Before the Painting Begins

Whether you’re looking to bring on the right team to help with painting your business, finding the best contractors for the job and ensuring the project is a huge success can get tricky. Here are a few tips to help you ensure your painting project is a winner.

Find the Right Contractor

There are endless companies, big and small, that specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial painting services, but how do you determine the good from the bad? Always check to make sure they are insured and licensed.  Another important factor is researching past work and references.

You need to know if they have worked on projects of a similar size as your commercial building. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from past clients, and if they are not willing to provide those, it is a huge red flag.

Budget and Scheduling

The success or failure of a commercial painting project isn’t solely dependent on the knowledge, skill level, and experience of commercial paint contractors. Establishing budgets and schedules before project initiation represent two equally important factors associated with successful paint jobs.

Make Sure Your Building Is Up to Code

Before you have professional painters come to paint your commercial building, you must make sure your building is up-to-code. Everything should be functioning properly.  If you know that work needs to be done that could cause damage to your walls, the repair work should be completed before painting. Taking care of any repairs beforehand can save you and the painting contractor time and money.

Select the Right Finish

Top-quality paint materials deliver better-looking finishes.  High-quality paint minimizes the risk of paint failure and reduces the frequency of maintenance and repair. To protect your employees, tenants, and customers, use fast-drying, low- or no-VOC coating systems so building occupants are not bothered.  These types of paints are ideal because they keep employees and tenants safe from harmful paint fumes and products.

Consider a Color Consultant

Before you start choosing paint colors for your commercial building, whether it be for the exterior or interior, enlist the expertise of a color consultant.  Consider the type of building you are painting. It would be to your advantage to know the colors that will affect people psychologically and influence their purchase behavior.

Think about what colors will improve your professional appearance to clients and customers and increase the likelihood of them returning. If you don’t have the time to research paint colors, hire a color consultant. Your building represents a huge monetary and time investment for your business. Ensuring you paint it with the right colors and correct paint help increase your long-term investment.

Improve the Look of Your Business

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to think about how you might improve your business for a brand-new year. Don’t let your downtime go to waste.  If you're shutting your doors for the holidays, there’s no better time to hire reputable commercial painters to handle all of your interior and exterior needs.

The Painting Pros is your go-to paint contractor. We offer free color consultations to all of our customers. Let us help you and your business get in the holiday spirit and ring in a brighter new year.

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