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5 Reasons to Repaint an Office Space


If you’ve just moved into your new office space and want to make it feel more welcoming and branded, apply a fresh coat of paint. If you’re already in an existing office space but want to increase productivity or give it a needed color boost, the same solution applies; get a fresh coat of paint.

Before any paint is applied, you must know why your office needs repainting. Is the paint peeling or do you just need to change the work environment? Hiring a good paint contractor is key. They should have the experience of working while business is open. Finally, you must choose the right colors to match your logo or boost productivity according to your job industry.

Why Repaint a Commercial Office Space?

green reception area

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider getting your office space painted.

1. Improve Business Image

One of the biggest reasons why a company decides to have its offices repainted is to improve the image of their business. Specific colors will help make sure that the office is crisp and fresh looking.

An older office with peeling, fading or stained paint can imply that the business is not doing well or that the business owner lacks attention to detail. A new looking office is a great selling point for new customers. Most consumers use aesthetics to judge the reliability of a business.

2. Corporate Changes/Rebranding

CEO’s and ownership of companies change often. When there is a change with the team at the top, that usually means a change in direction for the company. One of the easiest ways to announce these changes to customers is in a revised logo or new company colors. These new colors should be reflected in an office space too. The colors of the commercial space and logo should be the same.

3. Water Damage

If you notice stains on the walls or ceiling in your office space, the likely culprit is water damage. Too much moisture is a sign that a paint job is overdue. A professional painter should be hired to repair any damage before applying paint.

4. Avoid Mold Growth

A coat of paint acts as a sealant for the walls that help keep moisture out.  Damp environments are perfect breeding grounds for mold. If you see dark spots on the wall’s surface, clean the space, then repaint it. Not only are these spots unsightly, but they can pose a health hazard for your employees and customers.

5. Boost Productivity

The power of new paint color on the walls of an office space can greatly spur positive change and energy among employees. Research shows how colors affect moods. Painting your commercial space is an inexpensive way to update it and make it feel brand new.

Managing A Commercial Repainting Project


Painting an occupied building is more challenging than painting a vacant one. If you are the property manager or business owner, you’ll need to take some steps to manage the project, so it goes more smoothly.

Determine the Scope of the Project

Take the time to consider the scope and extent of your painting project. How many buildings will need to be painted? How long will it take to complete the project?  Are you having the interior or exterior painted, or both? You should also consider what time of year would be most convenient to carry out the painting.

Choose the right contractor

An experienced contractor can provide suggestions for the proper implementation of the project that will not disturb productivity. Make sure the contractors are licensed and bonded so you can be confident in the quality and safety of their services and reduce your liability.

Inform Everyone

The first key to successfully painting an occupied commercial office space is making sure that all occupants of the building -- tenants, employees, and customers -- are fully aware of the upcoming project. Give them specific times and dates that the painters will be around. 

Make sure everyone is aware of any changes to parking, entry, or general use of the building during the painting project. The more advance notice you can give them, the easier it will be for them to plan accordingly.

Consider Painting During Off Hours 

You can take advantage of those times to paint the busiest areas when most people are not around. For instance, bathrooms and main thoroughfares can be painted while most people are out of the building, and then you can focus on lower-traffic areas once people come for the workday. Painting after hours or even on weekends is also a consideration if the painting company is amenable to it.

Remain Functional

Similar to planning your paint job around regular business hours, you should also make sure the paint project leaves most of the building functional. For example, all the bathrooms should not be blocked off at one time. Instead, alternating bathrooms will ensure that employees have access throughout the workday.

The same will be true of the main entryways and break rooms. An experienced paint crew will likely have a system in place for handling these things so as not to disrupt normal business operations.

Choose Safe Paint Products

No matter what kind of commercial building you have, low-VOC or no-VOC paints should be used. Discuss this with the painting contractor ahead of time. They should be able to assist you in choosing the type of paint that will not be harmful. The painting crew should be able to manage the work environment well enough to avoid any serious health risks.

Paint During Off-Season

If you have the option where there is some downtime with the industry or services you provide, then this would be a good time to have your office space painted. There will be less people in the office and the disruption minimized.

Office Colors for 2020 

color trends for 2020

The color you choose for your office or workspace is crucial to how people will respond to your business. This applies to both employees and customers. Some colors have proven to be better at motivating customers to spend more, while others are good at boosting the productivity and morale of employees.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is choosing only neutral colors. If you are not sure about the paint colors to choose, company logo colors are a great starting point. It’s not only the color itself that affects your mood and behavior, but the intensity of the color affects you as well. Even some unique designs can trigger positive emotions.

An easy way to motivate your employees and help them to be more productive is changing the environment in which they work. Understanding how colors make people feel can help you select the appropriate colors for your type of business. Here are some colors to consider.


For a calming and productive effect on employees, blue is the best choice. Blue is known to stimulate the mind and keep employees focused, especially in jobs where the work is repetitive.  It is also good for places like doctor’s offices where patients may be nervous or anxious, giving them a sense of relaxation.

Blue is also an ideal color for stressful workplaces like those of accountants, consultants, and lawyers. There are many hues of blue to choose from, like light blue, teal, navy or grey-blue.  The brightness is also important when applying blue paint color on the walls.


Green is an ideal color for office conference rooms, since it puts employees and clients at ease during meetings. It can bring quietness, calmness, and reassurance to your workplace. Green evokes a sense of balance. Green works well in the financial industry.


Yellow stimulates emotion, which makes it an ideal color for creative industries. It also evokes feelings of happiness and can brighten spirits.  Business offices that are used by writers or designers, should go with shades of yellow. Yellows can inspire creativity in your workers as well as make customers feel happy and welcome.

Yellow is perfect for occupations where innovativeness is required. Yellow walls can be accessorized with a creamy or white accent wall. Either way, the same emotion will be drawn out. 


White is one of the most popular colors for many offices. But stark white implies a rigid environment, so choosing a softer shade is recommended. A pearl or shade of cream will work well as a foundation for your workspace decor. A soft white is easy to incorporate decorations and design elements of most colors.


Gray gives off a neutral mood. There are many different hues and shades of gray that can evoke different mindsets. Engineers are urged to use shades of grays that can have a positive impact on the mind and help with concentration.

Transform Your Work Environment

Here at The Painting Pros, we can bring your office space to life in any color you choose. If you’re unsure of the colors or shades that are best for your environment, we offer free color consultations.

We are eager to help your business grow. Our professional painting crew will ensure minimum disruptions to your workday. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your office looking new again.

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